I’m Nicole Dube, a state-licensed dietician-nutritionist, board-certified nutrition specialist, board-certified holistic nutritionist, certified eating psychology coach, and health care analyst/researcher. My goal is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through customized nutrition and lifestyle modifications. I coach people across the country via telephone and Skype. I specialize in mast cell disorders and histamine intolerance, autoimmunity, food sensitivities, disordered eating, and digestive wellness.


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board-certified holistic nutritionist and certified eating psychology coach

Clinical Nutrition?

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Nutrition consultations are available in person, via Skype, and by phone.

Functional Medicine & Bioindividuality

My nutritional counseling method differs from traditional dietetics in that I follow a “functional medicine” approach. This means that I work with you to identify the underlying causes of your health issues rather than viewing your symptoms in isolation. Rooted in this philosophy is the concept of “bioindividuality,” which recognizes that each person is biochemically unique and therefore has unique nutritional needs. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to diet and lifestyle.  My goal is to help you discover a lifelong, balanced way of eating that stimulates proper digestion, ensures you absorb and assimilate nutrients, and brings you pleasure and fulfillment.

Our overall health is impacted by more than just the foods we eat. It’s not just about “calories in-calories out.” Our relationship with food and exercise; lifestyle; environment; and mental, emotional, and spiritual health each affect our overall wellness. When customizing your nutrition and lifestyle plan, I consider all of the above factors to ensure that you have comprehensive strategies to achieve your health goals. As both a clinician and researcher, I consistently review current scientific literature, to ensure you receive the best information possible.

Functional Medicine - Nicole Dube

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